Our Products Last Longer: We work with our customers to help their businesses run more efficiently and effectively. Jones Welding redesigned a Lime Feed Screw Conveyor for a paper mill that averaged 3 replacements per year. Our newly designed screw has lasted an average of 3 years at this mill.

Our Capabilities:

CNC Lathe & Milling, Fabrication and Welding, Water Jet and Plasma Arc.
Jones Welding’s Baton Rouge machine shop fabricates custom equipment including:
Bark Screws, Bleach Plant Repulper Screws, Brown Stock Repulper Screws, Dewatering Screws, Esco Pre-steamer Screws, Kamyr Digester Screws, Lime Feed Screws, Metering Screws, Bark Hogs, Refiner Rotating Elements, Bark and Purchase Scalping Screens, and Shafts.

Our History:

Jones Welding & Machine was established in 1968 by E.R. “Wagon Wheel” Jones. For over 40 years, our Baton Rouge machine shop has provided innovative fabrication and machining services, competitive pricing, and superior customer service. Our company and machine shop remain owned and operated by the Jones family.

Our Customers:

  • TOPCOR Construction
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Nan Ya Plastics
  • Bihm Equipment, Inc
  • Industrial Parts Specialities
  • JB James Construction
  • Turner Industries
  • Formosa Plastics
  • KPAQ Industries